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The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme 1.3oz

The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme 1.3oz
The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme 1.3oz
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  • Model: The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme 1.3oz
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The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme 1.3oz

Bold Hold Extreme Creme is the primary lace adhesive by The Hair Diagram. Bold Hold Extreme Creme is an amazing water-based, non-toxic lace adhesive capable of a 2 to 3 week hold. Ideal for application of hair systems and hair units. This adhesive is odorless, humidity resistant, and waterproof under certain conditions. The product does not contain latex. The glue is applied white, but dries to an invisible layer. This light bonding adhesive will give clients superior hold without damaging the lace or the edges. Bold Hold Extreme Creme was designed to create a solid bond while ensuring that the adhesive is safe to use on skin and will not cause further damage to the scalp. Bold Hold Extreme Creme is lab tested and is skin safe if applied by a certified professional. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders. Bold Hold Extreme Creme should be stored at room temperature, typically below 90 degrees F. This adhesive will turn solid if exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees F. Please consult a certified professional for proper application.
Bold Hold Extreme Creme, Lace Adhesive, Wig Glue (1.3 oz) by The Hair Diagram 

  • 2-3 week Hold (depending on clients pH level)
  • No ODOR
  • Non Toxic
  • No Latex 
  • 1.3 oz 
  • Solid, Clean Bond
  • Dries invisible 

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